Blackpool Dance Festival
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Scrutineer   Estelle Grassby  (powered by scrutelle)

10 A North of England Junior Ballroom
11 A1 Juvenile Jive
12 A2 Junior All Girl Sequence
13 A3 Juvenile All Girl Sequence
14 A4 Junior Boy/Girl Sequence
15 A5 Junior Viennese W
16 A6 Juvenile Boy/Girl Sequence
17 A7 12/13 years Ballroom
20 B Junior Samba
21 B1 Juvenile Fylde W/Waverley TS
22 B2 Junior Windsor G/T Solair
23 B3 British Juvenile Ballroom Championship
24 B4 12/13 years Latin
30 C British Junior Ballroom Championship
31 C1 Juvenile Cha Cha Cha
32 C2 British Junior Modern Sequence Championship
33 C3 Juvenile Windsor G/T Serida
34 C4 British Juvenile Latin Sequence Champ
35 C5 Under 10 years Jive
40 D British Junior Latin Championship
41 D1 Juvenile Viennese W
42 D2 Junior T Magenta/Premier TS
43 D3 British Juvenile Sequence Champ
44 D4 British Junior Latin Sequence Champ
45 D5 Under 10 years Quickstep
50 E British Junior Sequence Champ
51 E1 British Juvenile Latin Championship
52 E2 Junior Jive
53 E3 Juvenile Gainsborough G/S Santarna
54 E4 12/13years Countess W/Midnight T
55 E5 Juvenile Woodside W/Quando Q
56 E6 Under 10 years Lilac W/Boston TS
57 E7 Juvenile Sequence Formation
58 E7A Junior Sequence Formation
61 F Juvenile B/L 6-8 Couple Formation
62 F1 Junior B/L 4-Couple Formation
63 G Juvenile B/L 4-Couple Formation
64 G1 Junior B/L 6-8 Couple Formation

Scrutelle Version: 9.8.22a RM9.8.22b
Results uploaded: 19/06/2017

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