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10176 21/06/17 1129
name: webmaster
Thank you Pamela for pointing that out
Now corrected

10175 21/06/17 0543
name: Pamela
Dear sirs.Good day

Please check the event of amateur riding star,the name of competitors are completely incorrect.

Please modify as soon as possible you can.

Best regards

10171 17/09/16 1701
name: webmaster
You need to contact the organiser about this

10170 16/09/16 1903
name: Aleksandr
Where are mistakes in Junior 2 ST results at Autumn star-2016.Where were 25 couples and the judges were another. Chekc it please.

10169 03/08/16 1302
name: webmaster
We have little control over which results get uploaded to the scrutelle website, as this choice is left to the scrutineer. We merely provide this facility as part of their annual l subscription

I am forwarding question to the scrutineer for Merlion 2014 & 2015

10168 03/08/16 1123
name: tzy-cit

I would like to know the results for Merlin international dancesport championship 2016.

As I know of, they were published last year, but we are unable to access this year.

Please rectify! Thanks ;)

10167 02/06/16 1239
name: webmaster
Estelle says:

Dear Lawrence
May I suggest you contact Sandra Wilson re any changes as the names on the website are a direct copy of the programme.
Kind regards
Estelle Grassby

10166 02/06/16 1043
name: Lawrence Chan
Some countries representations were wrong

10165 30/05/16 1410
name: webmaster
You can view the publish dates by clicking the link on the Blackpool results page

These dates are laid down by Blackpool Festival

10164 30/05/16 1400
name: Francesco

I wanted to know if it is possible to know the results of S2 - Amateur R / Star Latin . even with a donation .
thank you

10163 28/05/16 1302
name: Natalia Fridmanovich
Blsckpool marks

10162 26/05/16 1709
name: webmaster
You can view the publish dates by clicking the link on the Blackpool results page

10161 26/05/16 1214
name: john Lim
Black pool results availabilty ?

10160 16/03/16 0619
name: webmaster
As far as we are aware, scrutelle was not used for this competition, in which case the results will not be available on the scrutelle website

We suggest that you contact IDTA and encourage them to choose scrutineers who use scrutelle

10159 12/03/16 1927
name: intersted

When will the street results be available for the 2016 results

10158 11/03/16 1850
name: Dawn overs
Hi, when will idta streetdance 2016 results be posted , thanks?

10157 10/07/15 0648
name: tonyZhang
Great competition

10156 27/06/15 0701
name: webmaster
Sorry - I do not know. You need to contact the scrutineer for this competition

10155 27/06/15 0651
name: charmaine
Hi could you tell me when the results for the idta freestyle an rock n roll qualifier results will be posted .. thanku

10154 27/05/15 0958
name: Olga Ivanova
Dansclub "saltare antwerpen" belgium

10153 08/04/15 2235
name: Taz
Still no results of the idta medalist of the year could you please let me know when they are going to be posted on page

10152 08/04/15 2046
name: Hristina semova
Great competition

10151 06/04/15 0743
name: yulaa1
I want to see the results of competitions.

10150 05/04/15 1039
name: webmaster
They are shown on the results page